D Mannose Powder, 3oz/85g/43 servings, UTI’s

$ 11.55

  • Cleanses urinary tract of infections and impurities
  • Treats urinary tract infections and prevent recurrence
  • Absorbed metabolically in small quantity, remainder is flushed out by body
  • Maintains healthy kidney function
  • 100% vegetarian dietary supplement To be taken with plain water or sugar-free juice


D-Mannose powder is a naturally occurring simple sugar that cleanses and detoxifies the urinary tract of all the infections and impurities. It is metabolized in relatively small quantity by the body and the remaining is excreted out of the body by urine passage. D-Mannose interferes with the particle attachment and flushes out everything via urinary tract. On regular intake, D-Mannose helps maintain a healthy and infection-free urinary tract and help maintain healthy kidney function. As it is used by body in very small quantity, it doesn’t alter the blood sugar levels in the body. It is a vegetarian dietary supplement that is good to be taken every day. Dilute 1 or 2 teaspoons of D-Mannose powder in unsweetened juice or plain water, to be taken once or twice every day.