Aquamarine Hayfever & Allergy Relief: Instant Relief Nasal Spray for Allergies & Congestion (100 ml)

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Fast-Acting Relief: Provides rapid relief from nasal congestion, allowing you to breathe easier within minutes.
Use a gentle pulsating rinse for maximum nasal cleaning, effectively flushing mucus, cleaning sinuses and nasal cavity, and enhancing cilia function for comfortable, clear breathing.
All-Day Support: Long-lasting relief that keeps you breathing freely for hours, ideal for day-to-day activities.Gentle & Soothing: Gentle mist that soothes nasal passages without irritation.
【ONE-BUTTON OPERATION】Just turn the sinus rinse upside down and press the button. A sinus rinse bottle squirts water out one nostril and out the other. You don’t need to squeeze the nose cleanser. When you want to stop the flow, just loosen the valve.
Easy Application: Simple, mess-free spray design for hassle-free use.Safe for Daily Use: Non-addictive and safe for regular, daily use without the risk of dependency.