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HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS – Higher metabolism leads to healthy weight loss for effective weight management.
POWERFUL HERBAL FORMULA – DiabetesAid capsules contain a strong mix of highly potent herbal ingredients for effective blood sugar management.
BOOST METABOLISM – These capsules work by boosting metabolism levels for greater sugar absorption and higher insulin secretion.
MUSCLE BUILDING – Apart from sugar control, these capsules help in powerful muscle building and increasing muscle strength.
1 MONTH SUPPLY – With dosage of 2 capsules per day, bottle with 60 capsules will last for 1 month


DiabetesAid capsules are a mix of Gymenma, GTF Chromium, multiple herbs and antioxidants to make it a multi-action formula. Apart from blood sugar control, the capsules are effective in muscle building due to increased metabolism rate.

Elevated metabolism works like a wonder in getting rid of unwanted body fat. DiabetesAid capsules also provide important antioxidants that lead to healthy blood circulation and quick inflammatory properties.

It is a highly powerful blend of herbal ingredients that are clinically studied and proven to control and sustain healthy blood sugar levels. DiabetesAid capsules are natural and organic blood sugar control supplement capsules that are a mix of potent herbs.

These capsules work by increasing the metabolism level and thus help increasing the level of absorption of sugar in the body.

It effectively increases the amount of insulin secretion in intestines that regulates the blood sugar levels in the body. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day. Each bottle with 60 capsules will make 1 month of supply.


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